October 30, 2017
COMM - Museum for Communication, designed for Perspekt Studios.

COMM and experience. The new designed museum, event and conference venue in the Hague will open it’s doors next week. It was a rollercoaster in a short time frame to realize this project. NiO was responsible for designing 7 of it’s rooms, from shop entrance and lounge to a club and boardroom. The end result is beautiful and I’am proud to have participated in this design and project team.  

Hypsos was responsible for realization of this  interior.

More info: www.comm.nl

January 22, 2017
ABN AMRO - Bankshop furniture, designed for Koppes Bouwkunde & ISSOS.

The assignment of the architect was to design new special made furniture and counters for the restyle of bankshop locations of the bank. The first shop has been opened last week in Amsterdam, Osdorpplein.

ISSOS was responsible for realization of this interior.

October 25, 2016
Monaco Yacht Show 2016

Two years ago NiO made this facade design for a client exhibiting the Monaco Yacht Show. Unfortunately it wasn’t a match. This year a new potential client asked for an exceptional design, so we showed this concept as an inspirational idea. 

Guess what!

Agency/standbuilder Hypsos was responsible for realization.

April 08, 2015
AutoRAI 2015 - Concept design made for Kubik

It's already one year ago that we won the competition for the overall concept and theme of the car show ‘AutoRAI 2015’ in Amsterdam. Different from the previous shows is a gallery path, an inspiring tunnel in between and through all the brands and their cars: ’Discover Your Drive’  A show/exhibition for the whole family, not only for the car freaks. Experience lifestyle and everything about design. Next week the RAI will open its doors.

Agency Kubik was responsible for the organization and realization.

AutoRAI, 17 - 26 April 2015

February 13, 2015
Troelstra & de Vries - Building Fair 2015, Utrecht

Building with Air. Troelstra & de Vries, is a world leading company in waterproofing solutions. The spatial design for this exhibition was a 9.0 meter lightweight inflatable Umbrella, printed with a world map and hanging in the air as an eye-catching and iconic protecting shield for the hospitality area underneath. The umbrella as a metaphor for the business they are in.

The World of Roofing.

Production by ISSOS and Erik van Dongen - Air Design Studio.

August 14, 2014
Accell Experience Center 'De Fietser' - Old ENKA building, Ede

Already in 2012 we started the project to create a bicycle experience center for all the sub brands of the Accell Group, cycling brands as Batavus, Sparta, Koga and more. The right location had to be found and that became the old ENKA factory in Ede. A beautiful location! 

NiO was responsible for the spatial design in the concept phase of brand stores and thematic spaces about cycling, for example about racing and e-motion. For the visitor it will be possible to test bicycles on an indoor test track.

Opening of ‘De Fietser’ is scheduled for summer 2015.

Designed for Experience agency DST.

December 16, 2013
Open Soon! - Global Blue counter, Schiphol Airport.

For the second time in three years NiO was asked to design the new refund office on Schiphol Airport.

Because of major changes in the passenger flow on air side in the near future, the current office must be removed. The new office, on the new location in Departure hall 3 is a big step forward in visibility and Brand appearance. 

Manufactured by ISSOS Interior and Expo.

January 10, 2013
Lindeman's mobile wine bar - Ahoy exhibition & event venue, Rotterdam.

For Lindeman’s and Oud Reuchlin & Boelen NiO designed a modular mobile wine bar for events and concerts in Ahoy.

A range of elements designed and crafted with enjoyment in mind. Its design is a cubical shaped flight case, which has its own functionality, a cooler, storage for bottles or wine glasses. Plug-in and play!

Manufactured by SdK events & Arie Bestebreur

October 04, 2012
KeukenSpecialist - Woonbeurs 2012

Last week the Woonbeurs (Living fair) took place.

NiO designed two stands on this fair, IKEA and the KeukenSpecialist. On the last mentioned the visitors could test their senses by tasting, smelling, feeling, hearing & observing unidentified objects from in and around the kitchen in a playful wall-test setting. 

The remaining stand space was a showcase with a special made kitchen, a warm and friendly meetingpoint for customers and resellers of kitchens to share their knowledge. During the day a top chef and food experts prepared special bits and bites.

Production ISSOS b.v.

June 25, 2012
Dutch pavilion, World Expo 2012 - National day, June 18.

On the National day of the Netherlands His Royal Highness, the Prince of Orange together with Minister Schulz van Haegen visits the World Expo in Yeosu, It was a real honour as the designer of the pavilion to meet the special guests. After the guided tour through the pavilion the Dutch vocalist Wouter Hamel performed some of his songs in the VIP-Shop area.  For me the visit to Korea was also a good moment to see the other pavilions to get new inspiration.


• Photographer: Paul Ridderhof.

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